Kobold Bard who uses his stories to inspire his comrades.


The mountains not far from the village of Kassen have been home to small kobold tribes for ages, but few people ever encounter them. They have little desire to leave their small warrens into the dazzling bright of the surface world. Jekijak was born into one of these tribes.

Some decades ago, in the dark under the mountains, a particularly large egg was laid into the Dark Rock tribe. It was an auspicious occasion for the tribe, the largest egg that had ever been laid since their founding. It was taken as a good omen by the tribes’ shaman, and much speculation was made as to what kind of kobold would be born from it: perhaps a Dragon Wrought kobold or perhaps even a true dragon had taken the shape of a kobold and sired a half-dragon. However, it was nothing quite so remarkable, a pair of twins; one large and the other small, one red and the other white. Jakijek and Jekijak.

Jakijek was an impressive specimen of kobold, larger and stronger than average, with a great force of personality and, obvious from less than year old, sorcerous power. While Jekijak was a runt even by the standards of kobolds, he matched his twin only in the force of his personality. It is remarkable then that neither seemed to resent the other, Jakijek easily took to protecting his weaker brother, he could intimidate even the cruelest kobold bullies, while Jekijak could charm or wheedle extra food, or anything else they wanted, from the adults.

As the twins reached maturity they began to separate more and more, Jakijek would spend time with the other sorcerers learning to harness his draconic bloodlines powers and being groomed for a position of importance in the tribe. Jekijak would spend his time with the shaman, learning the history of the tribe and the kobold people, as well as the lessons imparted from the tales told to teach the young important lessons.

Jekijak quickly learned all the stories by heart, and found he had a natural talent for telling them, finally he had found one thing he could best his brother at. Jekijak also quickly became enchanted with the shaman-in-training, Dotvit, or as Jekijak referred to her, the Shiny One. She of scales that shone like burnished copper.

It was during an invasion of green-gnomes, or as surfacers called them “Goblins”, that Jekijak discovered that there is a power in words. He wielded his pick to guard his brother’s spell-casting, for while weak Jekijak is not craven. Unfortunately, he was badly wounded immediately. While his brother burned the green-gnomes that wounded him, there were many more to take their place. Jekijak knew that to grab his pick again would be his death, he wanted to find another way to help his brother whose morale has been greatly sapped at the sight of so much of his brother’s blood splattered onto the floor, so Jekijak told his favorite story, that of the Kobold race’s birth, to help lift his spirits. But it was not just Jakijek’s spirits that were lifted, all those who could hear his surprisingly clear voice were buoyed by the story of their people’s glorious birth.

Soon, the goblins were driven back into the deeper holes they had come from. But the tribe’s shaman had been struck down during the attack. Elevating the Shiny One to the position of shaman, putting her outside of Jekijak’s reach. The other ramification of the shaman’s death was that Jekijak no longer had anyone to teach him new stories, he knew all the ones that Dotvit knew. After much consideration, Jekijak reached the conclusion that to earn her favor, he would need new stories, stories to teach and to impress.

After consulting with Jakijek, Jekijak left the tribe’s holdings and for the first time left the protection of his brother, never suspecting that he would not just hear great stories he’d be a part of making them.


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