Heroes of the Silver Flame

The Story of Local Heroes

Our heroes began their tales of daring-do in the town of Kassen, where they took part in a coming of age ceremony. On a quest to retrieve the fabled Silver Flame from the tomb of their town’s founder, Ekat Kassen. Upon reaching the tomb, they discovered that someone had awakened some of the dead sharing the tomb, much to the chagrin of some of the townsfolk. After overcoming many an obstacle, including the Pillar of 10,000 arrows and the tomb’s pillowed pits of peril, the young but stalwart heroes confronted Kassen’s former compatriot and rival, Asar Vergas, a warrior reduced to but the bones of his former self.

The heroes continued to protect and defend their town and its people when they began investigating the drought that was plaguing the crops of the villagers. Upon finding the river dammed by an elaborate set of locks, they sought out the culprit, a deformed and maligned villager named Plygar.


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