The Kobold and the Gnome

Listen well hatchling and hear the tale of the Kobold and the Gnome…

Once upon a time, there lived two neighbors. A gnome and a kobold, their names are of no importance only their actions. Every day the gnome would spend his time picking flowers or skipping stones or exploring the trees, unable to spend more than a moment doing anything useful.

While the kobold would spend every day digging in his tunnels, mining or creating new tunnels, being industrious and patient. One day the gnome visited the kobold and was impressed at his labors but was silent a moment and said “Friend kobold, every day you work and work and work, you should take a break for a time. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to have fun out in the sun.”

The kobold looked at his neighbor and said “Friend gnome, every day you go out and have fun and fun and fun, you should work for a time. Life is meant to be earned, to labor and earn the gods’ favor.”

The two neighbors realized that neither could sway the other, and both went about their business. When winter came the gnome finally learned that his home could not keep out the cold, and he froze to death. While the kobold continued to labor in his tunnels safe from the unforgiving surface. Ever since that time, we kobolds have had the gnomes jealousy for our industriousness and dedication. Listen well hatchlings and don’t be a gnome.

The Kobold and the Gnome

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